As the wheels of the Province started moving at a steady pace, the thought of extending our service in Latin America was one of the dream. Srs.Shanthi Joseph, Lidwin from Madurai, Sr.Fatima Kattar from Trichy Province and Sr.Marcella from Amravati Province left for PERU as pioneers on 1st Oct 1988 to be the dynamic and joyful witness of the Kingdom and courageously travelled to the land unknown.

On 28th May 1989 we opened our 1st mission at Macusani, Peru. The 2nd house was started in Santa Rosa, Peru in 1991. Srs.Lima Rose, Molly Jacob and Reena dared to respond to the call of the mission. The mission began to grow and spread its wings in PERU, COLUMBIA and EUCADOR.

Our Sisters are committed to the call of the Lord by their witnessing life in their milieu by their evangelical presence

We are in solidarity with our Sisters at Latin America and give whole hearted support to the Delegation team and to our Sisters through our prayers, communication and sharing. We appreciate the missionary zeal, hard work, challenging and inspiring life of our Sisters in the Delegation, who live joyfully the Charism and spirituality of our Congregation. Their effective and vibrant presence in the land of Latin America motivate and inspire the clergy and the people of the locality.


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